Mehron Starblend Review


The first time I tried Mehron StarBlend was a couple of months ago, when Yolanda and I were face-painting at Bloom family festival.  Yolanda mentioned that it was a great way to do quick and easy shading, and to make your design really pop. I tried it and OMG, this stuff is awesome!

You can use StarBlend on any design you can think of, and it really gives face painting a whole new dimension. You can use it wet or dry, I like to use it dry to shade, highlight or add colour. I’ve heard testimonials from other face painters from around the world, that you can use the red StarBlend wet and it’s an awesome paint for spiderman.

Here are a couple of examples on what I use StarBlend for in my designs-

Monsters/spooky faces- I like using the black star blend for scary faces to realistically deepen out the cheek bones, eyes, and temples. This gives all of our scary designs some depth and changes the kids face shape to make them look gaunt and horrible 😉

Fairies and Butterflies- For butterflies I like using the black StarBlend to make the colours a little deeper before I do my line work,  also for fairies I use the black StarBlend to create a darker background behind my white flowers to make them pop. You can also use the coloured star blends to make the colours stand out a little more.

Anyway, starblend rocks and you should try it because it totally makes a difference.

Click the link to purchase.

Myrt xxx



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