Red Nose Day 2012

Happy Clown



What an amazing weekend we just had!

Red nose day and the weekend of fun that followed was one of the best that we at Face Art have ever encountered.

With the song “Feel inside and stuff like that” by the Flight of Concords firmly stuck in our heads; we painted 1000’s of happy children at the Cloud on Auckland’s Water last Saturday.

We painted anything with a red nose; tigers, clowns, red nose pandas you name it we painted it.


We really enjoy being a sponsor of Cure Kids; our sites are firmly set on the next big fund raising event on the 11th of November, which is the Peugeot Walk on the Wild Side to Cure Kids

About the event:

Peugeot Walk on the Wild Side to cure kids is a fun yet challenging walk, where teams and individuals walk or run a 17km course along the spectacular coastline of the West Coast of Auckland; and they also have a 10km walk/run for families or those that simply want an easier option.

In its third year, competitors in this stunning event navigate a loop track beginning and ending at Bethells Beach, crossing unique private farmland, which passes parts of the Auckland areas largest protected wetland and showcasing the dramatic scenery of this area of New Zealand.


Click here to learn more.











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